Ricoh Theta m15

The time of flat pictures is over

Experience a new world of images

The future of cameras

This is a very special and innovative camera. It is a spherical camera that captures the space around you, just pressing a button.

It completely changes the way you think at photography

Create a sense of presence so real it feels like you are actually there.

Look around the photos in any direction on the web or on a smartphone. Things that you didn't notice at that moment are waiting for you to find them.

More than pictures

What's really amazing about this camera is that it doesn't just take pictures. You can actually record 360° videos, something you have never seen before.

Can you only imagine how it looks and feels watching your favorite vlogger, being able to rotate the view while the video is playing and see the world around him in every direction?

Ricoh Theta M15
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Portal into spring in London's Waterlow Park in Archway - Spherical Image - RICOH THETA


Special camera that shoots 360-degree photos that you can view in any direction

The fish-eye lenses on each side of the compact body capture images of just over 180 degrees, which are stitched together inside the camera body. RICOH THETA's unique technology enables smooth 360-degree viewing. Incredible that a camera this small can shoot such amazing spherical images.

Notice things that you never noticed when shooting the picture

RICOH THETA is a spherical camera that captures your entire surroundings. Shoot 360 degree photos with the camera up straight or on its side without needing to pose or compose the shot.
Simply push the button. After shooting a spherical image, try moving it up, down, left and right to find things you didn't notice before.

Features of RICOH THETA

ricoh theta devices

Simple operation

You can capture your complete surroundings with the simple press of the shutter button.
RICOH THETA will automatically adjust the image orientation so that you don’t have to worry about how you’re holding the camera.
You can simply take pictures at the precise moment you choose.

Constantly evolving apps

RICOH THETA has apps that let you increase the fun you can have with your RICOH THETA.
You can now use remote shooting and manual shooting by using the app. You can also use a smartphone to shoot images from a remote location, without needing to hold the camera in your hand. Update the app to use even more RICOH THETA functions.

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Small, lightweight body

The RICOH THETA is designed for portability with a small, lightweight body that weighs a mere 95g (3.3 ounces).
You can enjoy capturing spherical images wherever you go!

Video function

You can now shoot 360° videos (with sound) up to 3 minutes long. There are now even more ways to enjoy the 360° world!
*In order to view the videos, a computer application is required to convert the videos that are shot separately.
Recommended Computer Environment:GPU needs to be compatible with OpenGL3.2 or higher

roman atwoood youtube
"I've never seen this before. I thought let's try to be the first vlogger to ever release a 360 vlog. I think this is gonna be the new way to look at video. "
Roman Atwood, Youtube

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I found out about this camera few days ago. It's incredible! I know how to spend my free time now :D It's really easy to use, I love it! I hope they will make a HD version soon!
So much power in this little device! It's not meant for a professional use but it's perfect for my needs. Definitely a must have!

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